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Jayda Kechour

Jayda Kechour

Jayda (she/her/hers) is an energetic, glittery eyed, resilient dreamer. As an advocate for the freedom of all creatures, Jayda enjoys a rich plant-based lifestyle and encourages others to grow sacramentally aware of creation. She is a wild soul, deeply connected to earth and her mournful cries, and hopes to rekindle a justice-oriented relationship between all creatures. With Jayda’s sustainability major from Pepperdine University, Jayda’s God given dream is to travel in a solar electric van and gain farming experience from climate smart farms to ultimately open her own organic regenerative farm sanctuary and vegan restaurant. Jayda is almost always outside, smiling, and making friendships with every person she meets. Remind her to tell you about her rollerblading skateparks adventures, the time she did trapeze, played football as a JV running back, and acted as a British character for a theatre company in the mountains.

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