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Joseph Tolsma

Joseph Tolsma

Joseph Tolsma

Joseph Tolsma is a junior at Northwestern College of Iowa majoring in ecological sciences with a minor in chemistry.

He credits his passion for creation care to his mother, a college biology professor who helped him understand the importance of sustainability from an early age. Joseph became more committed to creation care on a personal level after living in Heidelberg, Germany for a year where he observed their nationwide commitment to lowering their environmental impact, as well as through working with his church youth group to fund and construct two solar panel arrays in nearby communities. Through a summer stint in Grand Teton National Park,  Joseph’s eyes were opened to the impacts of an unsustainable lifestyle that leaves the voiceless at a disadvantage and damages our relationships with each other, with the earth, and with God. He’s excited to work within his campus and the broader community to develop ways to address climate change action at the individual and community level. In Joseph’s free-time, he enjoys running, climbing trees, backpacking, and eating ice cream while watching scary movies.

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