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Olivia Bretzius

Olivia Bretzius

Howdy, loves! My name is Olivia Bretzius, and I am a student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California but am from central North Carolina. I am very passionate about using my free will to care for my neighbors and all of creation. At school, I am a Biology major with a sustainability minor, who loves surfing and worshipping. I love taking care of plants and giving them all personalized names, and I am very attached to my dogs. I love baking vegan cookies for my friends and volunteering in my community. I believe Christians and all of humanity have a responsibility to care for and give gratitude to Mother Earth who gives so much to us. Though we have much work to catch up on, I believe the most passionate of us can return the world to its thriving self while sustaining fulfilling lives.

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