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Shaphan Hestick

Shaphan Hestick

Shaphan Hestick
Houghton College

A senior at Houghton College, Shaphan Hestick is majoring in Environmental Science, International Development and Political Science. Shaphan is a native of Guyana in South America, and spent his childhood near to rice fields, fruit trees and the Atlantic Ocean. As a child, Shaphan was an avid reader who eagerly studied books about nature and animals. His passion towards environmental literacy greatly pushed him towards pursuing a degree in the field, and has taken him to Brazil, Suriname, and Sierra Leone.

Passionate about culture, development and politics, Shaphan’s approach to climate action is both spiritual and practical. He understands the need to not only live a life that honors creation but also one that invites others to do the same. The fellowship is one of Shaphan’s first attempts to bring together his passion towards climate action and his vision for the church and its broader community as servants of those deeply affected by climate issues. He believes that through the fellowship, he can slowly communicate a passion towards creation care in his peers and the Houghton community. In addition to creation care, Shaphan also loves promoting healthy racial and gender diversity values, leading worship and traveling.

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