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Host a Y.E.C.A. Facebook Fundraiser This Earth Day

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that many people are using important days (i.e. birthdays, holidays) to host Facebook fundraisers for causes that are important to them. It is a great way to share their passion with their community and to invite others to join them in making the world a little more how they’d like it to be.

This Earth Day (April 22), we’d like to invite you—a committed member of the Y.E.C.A. movement—to host a Facebook fundraising event for Y.E.C.A. on your Facebook page. It’s easier than you might think. Here’s all it will take:

  • On April 22, head to the fundraising section on the Evangelical Environmental Network Facebook page (EEN is our financial partner and will be hosting our Earth Day fundraiser).
  • Click on “Raise Money” on the right hand side, and walk through the easy set-up process.
  • Be sure to make it personal and let people know why you are passionate about Y.E.C.A.’s work and why you are inviting them to support it with you.
  • For your cover photo, consider using a picture of you taking an action with us, or the one at the bottom of this page from the People's Climate March in 2017. Otherwise, download a photo off of our Flickr page to show people what Y.E.C.A. looks like in action!
  • Still have questions? Check out this helpful article from Facebook about how to create a successful fundraising campaign.

Please consider supporting Y.E.C.A. this Earth Day by helping us raise the funds we need to continue the important work of faithful climate action!

P.S. Planning on hosting a fundraiser and want to go the extra mile? Send an email to with 1-2 sentences about why you plan to host a Y.E.C.A. fundraiser on Earth Day. We’ll post your reasons on our Facebook page throughout the day and encourage others to follow your stellar example!

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