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Flood the Phones, Not the Planet

Windmills at night

This is a critical decade for the climate crisis, and together we can make this season a turning point for climate justice. 

From extreme weather and fires to pollution threatening our communities, the harms of climate change are felt right now, across the country and the world. The $550 billion in transformative climate investments in the reconciliation bill will create jobs, lower energy costs, and strengthen communities. It is well past time to invest in bold climate action. 

Join with YECA as we flood the phones by calling your Senators and urging them to act now by investing in crucial climate action. Participating is simple! Just dial 1-866-531-4003 and enter your ZIP code. Then, deliver the sample message below or feel free to personalize it as you see fit!*

Call your Senators today and tell them you care about getting these crucial investments across the finish line. Let’s flood the phones, not the planet!

Call Now: 1-866-531-4003


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am calling with a message for Senator [YOUR SENATOR’S NAME].

As a constituent and a young Christian, I know that climate change is already impacting [YOUR STATE] and that we must act now.

I urge the Senator to support investments in climate, health, and clean jobs, like the $550 billion dollar investments proposed in the reconciliation bill.

We need urgent action now for the safety and wellbeing of [YOUR STATE], especially frontline communities that are already feeling the worst impacts of environmental and economic injustice. These investments will also provide good-paying, clean energy jobs to and help avert the worst consequences of climate change.

As a young Christian, I urge the Senator to support climate and clean energy investments now. We do not have any time to waste.

Thank you.

*To call both senators, simply redial the number (1-866-531-4003), and you will be connected with your second state senator.

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