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Prayer Resources

Prayer is the foundation of our movement. If our work is not rooted in prayer, the work will not last and neither will we. We are committed to grounding our work in contemplative prayer and practice, recognizing that our efforts are only as sustainable as the foundation on which they are built.

Below are some prayer resources we have developed in our work over the years. They can be used for public actions, corporate worship services, or private devotions.

  • Use this liturgy exactly as is, or mix and match the sections that make the most sense for your purposes. It includes important liturgical components like confession, assurance of forgiveness, praise, benediction, and song to create a meaningful and coherent worship experience.

  • In January 2020, the YECA Steering Committee held a creative protest in the form of a climate die-in liturgy outside of the White House. We prayed for the victims of the climate crisis in the spirit of prayer and repentance. We hope you can use this liturgy for your own demonstrations to draw attention to the real-life suffering and death that climate change is causing and will continue to cause, particularly amongst those who have done the least to cause this problem.

  • In February 2020, YECA hosted a prayer vigil outside the National Prayer Breakfast on behalf of the victims of the climate crisis. Use this liturgy to host your own climate vigil, centering the human and nonhuman victims of climate change.

Thematic Prayers/Prayer Points
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