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Our Mission

We are young evangelicals in the United States who are coming together and taking action to overcome the climate crisis as part of our Christian discipleship and witness.

News & Notes

A stable climate requires a stable democracy. In the midst of significant challenges, the democratic process has worked. Tens of thousands of volunteers have painstakingly pored over ballots, international observers have praised the process as free and fair, election officials have done their jobs admirably, and the voters have spoken. While it will take time to fully certify all of the results, it is now clear that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.

As of January 2021, I will be leaving the position of National Organizer and Spokesperson at YECA.

YECA is a youth-led organization, and maintaining young leadership is not only critical for the integrity of YECA’s mission, but necessary for the vibrancy and efficacy of its programming. After 4 years in this role, I have officially aged out of our target audience (having turned 31 in June). Thankfully, new leadership is aging in every day.

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