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Climate Leadership Fellows - College Fellows

Climate Leadership Fellows - College Fellows

Through the Fellows program, we are able to recruit, mentor, and commission promising evangelical undergraduate students from across the United States to become faithful leaders equipped to transform their communities and help build the climate movement. The Fellowship is a selective program that begins with a training retreat in the summer and runs for an academic year.

One of the central components of the Fellowship is the opportunity to develop a climate action plan that strategically engages the Fellow’s campus, church and community around climate action. The Fellowship includes a $1,000 stipend, professional training, and access to national-level climate and church leaders. To learn more about the application process, please visit the College Fellows Page.

We are excited to introduce the students who have stepped up to be Climate Leadership Fellows. 

Fellows in the News

Pepperdine Graphic, "Pepperdine Refuses to Take a Stance on Climate Change To Encourage Debate": Our five fellows at Pepperdine are featured for challenging the university's position and pushing for more action on climate change. 

Pepperdine Graphic, "YECA Members Take on the Climate Crisis, Advocate for More Action at Pepp": Dawnielle Wright, Emily Stephens, Allie McMullen, Florencia Padilla, and Jayda Kechour are highlighted for how they are bringing positive and meaningful change to their college campus at Pepperdine University. 

Calvin Chimes, "Code red for humanity”: Calvin community speaks on sustainability and responsibility": Haley Weesies is featured as a voice speaking out about climate action at Calvin University. 

Calvin Chimes, "President LeRoy committed to carbon neutrality, and Calvin's next president should too": Haley Weesies writes about the importance of climate action at Calvin University. 

Michigan Advance, "Column: Meijer and Upton did the right thing. Now they must do it again.": Sara VanDerWeide reflects on the actions of her policymakers. 

Holland Sentinel-Standard, "Letter: Upton must support smart methane standards": Sara VanDerWeide calls her Congressperson to action. 

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