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Share Your Climate Testimony

Share your Climate Testimony

For Christians, testimony is a powerful thing. It’s the story of how God is working His transforming power in our lives. A climate testimony is the story of how God is empowering you to love God’s world and our neighbors better by acting on climate change. It is a way to share your story and invite others to understand faithful climate action as an act of faithful witness and discipleship.

The best psychological research we have affirms what the church has known for centuries: stories have the power to transform lives. Sharing your climate testimony can literally change lives. It can change the church.

Check out some past climate testimonies on YouTube!

Here are three questions to guide you as you reflect on your story and prepare to share it!

  1. How, as a Christian, have you come to care about the climate crisis?
  2. What have you been doing in your own life in response to the climate crisis?
  3. What is your prayer for our church and our political leaders regarding the climate crisis?

Ready to share your climate testimony?

It is super easy to record/upload your video! We are looking for clips anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes- it is up to you! Thank you for sharing your testimony!

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