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Start 2018 by speaking up for God’s creation

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt recently announced a plan to roll back the Clean Power Plan – our nation’s most comprehensive plan to date for tackling carbon emissions from power plants – with few concrete details for a plan that will replace it. Meanwhile, climate change continues to fuel more severe and destructive extreme weather events that threaten God’s creation, our loved ones, and our neighbors down the street and across the globe. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Tell the EPA that rolling back the Clean Power Plan without a viable replacement is irresponsible and unbiblical.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support the Clean Power Plan because it protects us – especially our most vulnerable communities. We cannot continue to put God’s creation and human lives at risk. Christians must speak out boldly for a workable plan to protect God’s creation and those put at risk by a warming world.

We need federal action. It’s time to speak out.

The Clean Power Plan is not perfect, but the EPA must work to improve it and to implement even stronger measures to safeguard our communities and our families against the effects of climate change. Instead, Scott Pruitt has suggested replacing the Clean Power Plan with a weaker set of standards that would reverse climate progress and would endanger millions. It’s time to make your voice heard.

Not sure what to say? Here’s a sample comment that you can copy/paste verbatim or edit to make it your own. Please email us if you submit a comment so we can keep track of our impact!

Sample comment

I oppose EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The EPA has a duty to protect us from climate change, which is exacerbating destructive extreme weather events that threaten our communities, our families, and God’s good creation. The EPA’s mission is to “protect human health and the environment” – we need Scott Pruitt to live up to that solemn responsibility.

As a Christian, I support any effort to safeguard God’s creation and to protect vulnerable people by addressing the effects of climate change. The Clean Power Plan is not perfect, but it is our nation’s most comprehensive plan to date for tackling carbon emission. What’s more, the EPA has offered zero concrete plans for replacing the Clean Power Plan, and has even suggested replacing it with a weaker regime that will result in more carbon emissions and more severe climate impacts. We need the EPA to strengthen safeguards that address climate change, not tear them down. Administrator Pruitt should immediately reconsider this reckless and harmful action.

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