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A Holy Week Reflection

Holy week, in the Christian calendar, is just that: a HOLY week. This week, we collectively reflect on life, on death, and on resurrection. We begin the week with Palm Sunday: a vision of Jesus coming home upon a donkey, unexpectedly proclaiming his place in the city and his reign of peace. Hosanna, hosanna, the crowd cried, caught up in the joy of the crowd, waving palm branches.

This is just the beginning of a week that holds immense significance for Christians- this week marks the last week of Jesus’ ministry. This week, Jesus preaches, Jesus turns tables, and Jesus prays. This week Jesus gives an example of how to minister, how to live. 

As the week goes on, Jesus is anointed, and he is arrested. He is tried, and is executed by the state. He suffers, and dies. That death marks a turning point in our faith – our God knows suffering, knows death. There is no where we can go where God will not meet us. Even the darkest of nights, the most godforsaken of nights, God is with us.

But the week doesn’t end there. Easter is our great reminder, our promise of hope that death does not have the last word. 

As Christians invested in the work of climate action, this week shapes our work. We see that there is a place for celebration, for joining with donkeys and palm branches to worship Jesus. We also see that there is a place for overturning tables, for pointing out injustice and hypocrisy even in our faith communities. We also see that death is not the end-- we have the hope of resurrection, even when all seems lost. 

What could be holier than living and dying with our eyes set on the promise of Easter? 


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